First Graders on Motorcycling

Rewind to 2006. My daughter Summer’s first grade teacher invited parents to visit and share something that would add to current classroom lessons. The kids were working on writing and her teacher asked me to speak to the children about what a writer does. I asked Summer what aspect of my writing she thought I should talk about. Without hesitation she said, “Motorcycles!”

I talked with the children about a motorcycle as a fun-to-ride machine that took me to places where I did more fun things. To help them see how writing figures in, I showed them some of my articles in motorcycle magazines. (The kids were great…seize any opportunity to share your experience with children in school.)

After I left, each student was assigned to write and illustrate what they’d do on a motorcycle. My daughter brought their work home to me as thank you’s from the children for my visit. Here is what first graders (who are now high school seniors) said about motorcycling.

“I went to Mount Washington with my motorcycle. It took me four and a half hours to get there. I saw a moose and a bear on the way up.” (Daniel)

“If I could go anywhere I would go to the ocean at night because of the sun set. I would bring my blanket to sit on it.” (Sarah)

“If I were on a motorcycle I would go to the desert on Thursday. I saw a camel.” (Connor)

“I would like to go up high on a mountain. I would like to see a snake and the beautiful view. I would have to wake up at night so I could see that type of snake.” (Jacob)

“I am traveling on a motorcycle in the forest in the afternoon and I saw a bird.” (Jodi)

“I went to a pond on a motorcycle early in the morning. I saw a frog. It caught a fly with its tongue when the sun was just coming up.” (Taylor)

“I am driving my motorcycle at the zoo. It took me 2 days to get there. I am waiting quietly for the monkeys to come out.” (Owen)

“I thought of this nice place and if I could I’d be there just before the sun came up. I would see a reindeer near a log cabin.” (Wyatt)

“If I took picture on a motorcycle I would take pictures of animals. I would do it in the rainforest. If I took pictures on a motorcycle I would get up at five o’clock.” (Rhys)

“If I were to ride a motorcycle I would go to the ocean and I would see jellyfish, Sponge Bob and Patrick and all have a Crabby Patty and catch a jellyfish and all see Gary. I will probably not see Squidward because he’s probably grumpy. And I’m dreaming.” (Brian)

“I want to go to a place very very very very very far far away. I will see big grizzly bears. I want to take some pictures.” (Michael)

“If I was on a motorcycle I would go to the big water fountain. There is a hotel there. It is a big hotel there. I saw a big dog.” (Jordan)

“I want to see a deer on my motorcycle in the woods in the morning. I will take pictures of them. I will stay very still while I am taking the picture. I think the deer is going to eat tall grass. If they are I will take a picture of the deer eating grass.” (Leah)

“I hope to go to the top of a mountain and see the ocean. I would like to see the sun come up. I would like to be the only person there.” (Summer)