My Dad and Me on the Motorcycle

by Summer Williams

Every year between the start spring and the end of fall my dad and I go for rides on his motorcycle.  We usually go for long rides to pretty places like Water’s Edge Family Campground, Quabog River, and back roads in the country.


Dad helps me with my helmet. The flag on the back is a reflector. My jacket and pants have armor.  I wear gloves and tall black boots. Photo: Sheila E. Williams

Each time we ride we wear all of our protective gear: a full face helmet, a riding jacket and pants, riding boots, and gloves. Before we leave home we do a safety check. My dad checks the pressure in the tires and the oil level in the motor. I check the turn signals, the brake lights, the headlights and the horn. My dad installed an air horn, which is very loud.

The bike is a Honda ST1300. The motor is powerful but quiet. Not all motorcycles are loud. Dad drives the bike and I am his pillion. A pillion is the passenger on a motorcycle. I wanted to ride with my dad since I was about 2 years old but he made me wait until I could reach the footpegs. We practiced riding at Stony Hill School before we rode on the street. 


C’mon, Dad – let’s ride! Photo: Scott A. Williams

I rode to a motorcycle rally last summer with my dad. My mom and my friend Meghan followed us in our truck. We stayed in a camper on a lake.

My dad is a writer. He has published articles about riding a motorcycle. Now I have, too!


This story © by Summer Williams. Story first published in Tiger Times, Fall 2007. All rights reserved.